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Our child-centered model has been proven to be 2-3 times more successful when compared to traditional adoption models. Traditional adoption agencies recruit families first, and then children are picked based on the families' wants.  Our nontraditional, child-centered adoption model is designed to find a permanent relationship that fits the child. We forge permanent relationships between adolescents in foster care and families in our community who are ready to make a permanent commitment to these youth. In other words, we find a home to fit a child, rather than finding a child to fit a home. This approach, while more time-consuming, has a higher success rate for both the families and the child. We also train volunteers, Adoption Champions, to provide a safe, nurturing, one-on-one relationship with each child we serve.  Adoption Champions accomplish 5 things:


  • Listen to clues the kids may be giving you about  potential past or current relationships.  Get to know the child's strengths, needs, wants, and challenges.


  • Learn: Look into possible relationships and learn to see if it could be a positive connection


  • Lobby: Be the child's voice within the community, especially within parental recruitment efforts


  • Lead: Lead the child to make positive decisions about his/her future


  • Love: Serve as a friend and mentor to the child.

Through our Adoption Champions and our case workers, we work a child-centered approach by:


  • Reviewing the child’s case files and get to know the child through visits, providing a thorough review and understanding of each child’s needs and circumstances. We often say we serve as the “cold case file” unit.


  • Recruiting permanent homes from existing relationships or within our community

  • Conducting pre-placement training for potential parents

  • Providing pre and post-adoptive support

  • Building a network of support around each youth regardless of placement

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